Monday, August 01, 2005

Borders and Posies

I finished the borders on the mystery today and I really like it a lot more. It needed the borders to bring it all together. And I finished another block for the sampler "Posies Round the Square" which is the 4th block. But now that I have more fabric I'm going to back track and do them in order. I'm very excited and have most of the fabric decided on for the blocks in the first row. :)


Diane said...

I'm inspired! Posies around the square is the only block in the first row that I haven't done, and I was going to skip it and go on to row 2, but I'll be good and do this one first. I put a link to my photobucket quilts page with my other pic on Jennifer's site.

kcamou said...


It wasn't that bad. The curved seams all attached to the same piece were not fun, but it worked out okay. However the applique parts... I tried needle turn, even used freezer paper, but the pieces were just way to small for me, so I had to go with iron on fusible web. Good luck!!!!

Kim said...

Where did you purchase the Elm Creek fabric for your Bridal Sampler? The fabrics are perfect for me.

kcamou said...


I bought them online, mostly from Quilts Your Way.