Monday, September 12, 2005

Sampler of Psalms, Block 8

This is block 8 "Memory Wreath" from the Sampler of Psalms mystery quilt I'm doing. The block looks crooked in the picture, but it is because it wasn't laying flat when the pic was taken. :) It is almost time for the pattern for block 9 to be released. I can't wait!


nadine said...

Hi, Kimberley ! This is Nadine, from Belgium (blog id. is "nadipatch", e-mail nr : I very much admired your blocks in "Sylvia's bridal sampler", your fabrics are gorgeous and your work splendid !... Now I 'm admiring your "Sampler of Psalms" blocks and wonder where/how I could get these patterns ???? (I also subscribed with great enthusiasm to Jennifer's idea : Sylvia's sampler block exchange". Hope this will be organized !)
Once again, my sincere congratulations for your good quilting and thanks in advance for your help about the Sampler of Psalms.
Enjoy your quilting !
Friendship threads from Belgium.

kcamou said...

Nadine, I found you! Kimberley passed on your letter to me. Thank you so much for your kind words... I'm going to email you right now. :)